by Senyawa

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CRC.KZM Honestly just dark and weird. I'd play this at a goth coffee shop after sunset. Favorite track: Tanggalkan Di Dunia (Undo The World).
J. Taliaferro
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J. Taliaferro Crunchy, ominous, pensive. Favorite track: Penjuru Menyatu (Unified Counters).
Elizabeth Joan Kelly
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Elizabeth Joan Kelly Such a fantastic album! Favorite track: Tanggalkan Di Dunia (Undo The World).
mark salt
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mark salt This is astounding, dense, rich simple and foreboding.Its very organic and slowly increases in intensity throughout its length. it feels very human, yet sinister and tortured. Ritualistic and twisted , beautiful and unique.
einar risvik
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einar risvik ritual Music With the root in a modern society. it will touch the depest parts of Your soul
Michele M.
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Michele M. Il grido di sofferenza della terra si manifesta attraverso questi due emissari e la loro musica ctonia. Stupendo e terribile Favorite track: Tanggalkan Di Dunia (Undo The World).
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Senyawa are a contemporary duo originating from Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Rully Shabara (extreme vocals) coupled with Wukir Suryadi's deft instrumentals (and homemade instruments) produce one of the most profound examples of experimental via traditional music happening anywhere today. By weaving Indonesian folkloric moods with various shades of modern genre hybrids, Senyawa has been navigating unexplored musical terrain for more than a decade. <U>Sujud</U>, their premier release on the Sublime Frequencies label, is the latest chapter of this very special and singular sound of the past, present, and future. The basic theme of the record can be summed up with one extremely powerful Bahasa Indonesian word, "tanah", which translates to "soil-ground-land-earth". Shabara's vocals are an expressive force, conjuring spirits from the soil with a deep humility and respect for the land and their existence in the universe. Suryadi has built a new guitar for these tracks and pushes the Senyawa sound into new territory, utilizing delay, loops, and other effects creating grounded backdrops of folk metal, punk attitudinal, and droning earthscapes - providing Shabara the perfect context to explore his whispering poetry and jagged, sharp-as-a-kris animistic powers. There is simply no other sound like it and Sublime Frequencies is thrilled to present this new direction in their discography. Limited CD version includes liner notes, in gatefold digital wallet.


released November 2, 2018


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